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Club Seventeen Live Home Page When you are done reading this review you are probably going to be saying that either this guy is totally sold on Seventeen Live or he is getting paid big bucks to say nothing but good things about them. Well, the truth is that I really am impressed by this little site and I haven't been paid dime one for this review. I refer to this site as "little" because Club  Seventeen Live is not one of those "mega sites" with millions of pics nor do they try to be. If that is what you are looking for then I suggest you check out Karups Private Collection or Amateur and Teen Kingdom.  If you are interested in a site that is extremely well thought out and delivers exactly what they promise then I really have to urge you to check Seventeens Live out. Let me begin by asking you a few basic questions. Do you like teenage models showing you everything they have to offer and then some? Do you like them to be really cute and sexy? Do you like to watch live action that will get you off everytime? Seventeen Live Main Menu If the answer to each of these questions is yes, then congratulations, you are a normal red blooded male of the species. If not, then you must either be gay or need your head examined. (both heads in fact!)

When I first logged on, I was not sure if the interest I had for this site would last more than a couple of days. The truth of the matter is that I am easily bored and once I have been thru most adult sites, I find that the only thing that keeps me interested is continually fresh content. This is because once you have seen a gallery, it fails to be a turn on more than once or twice. Don't know why this is, but it seems to be a fact of life with porn. If it weren't, then that old copy of Hustler you had hidden under your mattress when you were a teenager would still be getting your pecker off today like it did the first time you flipped thru its pages. Well, I have to admit that after more than a week of visiting Seventeen Live, I am hooked. Seventeen Live Studio Shot They have perfected the formula for keeping a guy like me continually entertained. Get some really cute teenage girls, put them in a live webcam environment, and you have never ending dreamland that you can be a part of 24 hours a day!

Okay, back to business. The first thing you will notice upon logging in to Seventeen Live is the easy to use menu that resides to the left of the page. (see screenshot above) Here you will find selections for their various live studios, a program schedule that tells you which models are going to be on and when, and a whole lot more. The site has gallery pages for each of the models so you can also check out how they look in a regular photo shoot. This is fine, but where you want to zero in on is the live studio page where you can see up to date screen captures of all the studios that have action going on in them.

Action is the key word here because these girls perform and hold nothing back. Sometimes you will be treated to a girl on girl session and they even have guy/girl hardcore sessions from time to time. Just check the studio schedule for dates and times. Seventeen Live Operator Chat Once you have selected a studio to view, just sit back and watch the action. They even provide the ability to choose from three different camera angles, all at the click of your mouse. Do you want to chat with the girl? Get her to do something special? Well, all you have to do is to log into the chat room accessible at the bottom of every page. How they handle the chat varies from studio to studio and girl to girl. Some girls have a keyboard right next to them and will chat with you while they perform. In many cases these girls are so caught up in what they are doing, they depend on what is called a "chat operator" to relay to them special requests. Sometimes the chat operators are at a keyboard all by themselves and their only job is to just sit and chat with anyone who logs in. Be nice to them and they will put on a show of their own and keep you entertained in ways you might not expect.

Each of these studio sessions reside in a java applet window that is well designed, has links to instantly access other studios in the site as well as a chat utility. I tried the site out in both Netscape and IE and, providing you have Java turned on, the applet loads up just fine and works flawlessly. There are other areas of the site that are worth mentioning as well. These include limited access to other live studios that are run by other sites. Also, there are a number of video feeds to check out and a new section featuring oriental girls as well. I could go on and on with how much I like this site but I will leave it up to you to try them out and see for yourself if you agree with everything I have said here.

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I have to rate Seventeen Live as a perfect 10 out of 10. This is because I really cannot find any fault at all in what they offer and how they organize and run things. Oh, it is worth mentioning that this site is located in the Netherlands where attitides about sex are a bit different than over here in the states which helps to explain a lot. These girls genuinely love what they do and they obviously get off on the knowledge that guys like ourselves are getting off watching them perform. The server that they use is first rate and my feeds weren't interrupted at all during my many frequent visits. The image quality is superb and actually exceeds the jpeg image quality of the screenshots I made for this review.

So what is the cost? They have a 30 day membership for $32.50 per month. Sign up is done via a secure server and they even provide you the option of charging it to your phone bill if that is your preference. I am warning you though, once you enter their little world, you might never leave!


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